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SPOONED: Canary Coffee Bar

If you want to feel like you’ve transported to the middle of a mystery novel or are looking for a cute Spring hideaway, then Canary Coffee Bar, 720 N. Old World Third St., is for you.

Canary sits up the street from the old, now empty Grand Ave mall and is, hopefully, a sign of promising things to come in the area.

I don’t go downtown too often since I moved. I usually operate in a familiar triangle of work-home-grocery store (I know, I know) all of which are about 30-minutes away.

I saw the Journal Sentinel write up on Canary a while back and made a mental note to try it out when it opened. I forgot until I saw it on Instagram and decided to spend a Sunday morning there.

I walked in and was told to sit anywhere and someone would bring me menus. The place has plants everywhere.

It was beautiful.

I chose a picturesque window seat overlooking the street.

For my meal I chose the ham and gruyere tartine and a latte.

When the latte was placed in front of me, I almost didn’t want to drink it. The latte art was impeccable.

A tartine is "a French open-faced sandwich with a spreadable condiment."

I dug in.

With Canary, what you see is what you get. It was a latte. And a tartine.

I have no prosy story with this one.

With the other coffee places downtown, I wouldn’t choose this one first.

Now if I wanted a breathtakingly cute place to take photos for Instagram, or to pose as a hipster for a day, then that’s a different story.

Spoon rating 3/5

See you at the table.

Canary Coffee Bar

720 N. Old World Third St

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