thisandthat is a food blog by a woman of color in the Midwest. This blog marries my passions: cooking and dining. The Midwest is bursting with culinary talent and I'm here to review it all. Each week I'll be spooning (#getspooned) places and recipes I like and "chopping" those I don't. Come back soon!


#SheTriedIt: Cozy Mushroom Risotto

Want to feel fancy? Casually mention in conversation that you prepared a risotto last night. Don't worry, I'm leading you to a wonderful, easy-to-follow recipe. I've been intrigued by the idea of a risotto since having a sampling of lobster risotto at a soft opening of a now-defunct pro-baller's restaurant. #internfiles So, yes-- you and I--once we perfect this, we'll sort-of be at that level. According to Google, risotto is "a staple of Northern Italy, and is the most common