thisandthat is a food blog by a woman of color in the Midwest. This blog marries my passions: cooking and dining. The Midwest is bursting with culinary talent and I'm here to review it all. Each week I'll be spooning (#getspooned) places and recipes I like and "chopping" those I don't. Come back soon!


#CrockpotChronicles: Cream Cheese White Chicken Chili

#CrockpotChronicles is a series of recipes I've tried to get us through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Crockpot recipes are chock-full of cheapish ingredients and can be rationed out to last a while; both of which are important during quarantine. I won't spoon or chop these recipes. These days you have to focus on survival. So, live your best quarantined life and try them! If this white chicken chili recipe were a person, it'd wear a Kangol hat and wear Joop cologne. Just kiddi